Start life with a healthy education

EBC has been providing the premier in outdoor fitness in the UK since 2006, encouraging people outdoors into locations across the county. We are now the largest UK boot camp and were the first of its kind to provide services to schools. At EBC we believe that if you train your mind, your body follows, engaging, inspiring and empowering participants to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.

For the past 7 years we have had great success working with schools, from running sports days/events, to participating in PE sessions. We have previously worked with many schools and are the industry leaders in this sector. In addition, we are currently working with MEND (Childhood Obesity Programme, designed to help overweight children and families) so have the experience, expertise and passion to provide expert services.

What is involved

  • Delivering 2 exclusive sessions on site and opening up all our additional sessions across the County, specialising in KS 2, 3 +4.
  • EBC delivered a progressive fitness programme, engaging young people with task orientated games, team events, military PT, command tasks and nutrition sessions.
  • Workshops on nutrition and mind set.
  • Engaged 88% of the lower school Vs 7% Engaged by previous Gym based wellness strategy.
  • Making EBC effective in both cost and quality.

Hylands School, Chelmsford, Essex

“Hello Glynn, you came to my school today ‘St Peters’ and I am Sam that was in your group for the obstacle course and I just wanted to say it was an fantastic day and I LOVED it. Even the punishment you gave me for calling you ‘Oi’. Well say thanks to everyone for me and thanks so much for coming in today.”

St Peters School, Brentwood

“Plans are already underway for Essex Boot Camp to return, as feedback from the pupils has been so positive” “On Wednesday 24th November, James Sweeney and Glynn Roberts, Managing Directors of Essex Boot Camp, came into the school to lead an hour’s military-style fitness session with 22 brave year 11’s. The fitness session included a series of press-ups, sprints, squats and various team building exercises. Despite the freezing temperatures, pupils were determined to complete the session as a group, and were even joined by Mr Priddle and Mrs Chiswell, who brought an element of competition to the session”

Woodlands School, Basildon

“It was really good fun but really hard, definitely do it again”