Essex Stretch Academy

Focus your mind and reconnect with your body

Essex Stretch Academy is about bringing mind and body back together and to ensure that the body is cared for from the inside out.

  • How often do we actually stop and find time to stretch out those tight muscles, limbs and ultimately our minds?
  • Whether you train regularly and put your body through the mill, you are running around after children or others, you have a job where you sit at a desk all day or just want some time out then ESA is the ideal place. Essex Stretch Academy offers a complete contrast to and therefore compliments your cardio based training perfectly, by concentrating on stretching, lengthening and strengthening the muscles this will in turn reduce the chance of injury and enhance performance.
  • It is equally as important to work on elongating and defining the body to make it strong.
  • This is an area that many people forget when training, as they feel if they are not out of breath or sweating then it isn’t doing anything – this is wrong, it is a vital part of everyday life. Even the simplest of breathing techniques will help in your everyday life , whether it is exercise, stress or general lifestyle.
  • By focusing on strengthening and stretching, the body and mind will begin to come together and you will find this carries over into your every day life. Stretching is for everyone, there are no restrictions. Whether you are a professional athlete or whether you have never attempted any form of exercise previously, in todays world of being on 24 hour call via email, text, phone we are all in need of time out to take care of ourselves. You will find that you are moving a little easier, the little niggles and aches and pains slowly fade away and that you will sleep more soundly. Sessions will be varied and sometimes you will find that the area you thought was tight is actually caused by a completely different body part.

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