The EBC Diary – Rosie Smith

July 11, 2015

The EBC Diary – Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith

It all began with an Essex Boot Camp 10 session card!

I started at Essex Boot Camp in January 2015, I asked my husband to buy me a 10 session card for my Christmas present, as I was fed up with feeling fat and after walking past the group huddled in Admirals Park car park every so often, I decided to google the boot camp there.

I was a little nervous to start with but everyone seemed quite friendly and welcoming. My first session with James was pretty hideous and hard-core in the dark cold & wet, but I had the 10 session card so decided to stick with it and it was fairly sporadic until I had a bit of a bad health review day at my work and was almost scared into joining a fairly well known gym, instead I decided to step up my sessions with EBC and it was seriously the best decision I could have made.

Results started to filter through but it wasn’t until I decided to join the Eatellect challenge at the beginning of June that I have noticed a huge change in my body, my attitude towards food & in particular alcohol, my food choices and my life! I thought I was pretty healthy before but I rarely ate breakfast, had a shop bought sandwich & popcorn for lunch every day, wine every evening and a curry every Friday, more wine/ales at the weekend with bad snacks and not much moving around – I had kind of kidded myself into thinking that because I didn’t buy ready-made meals and cooked from scratch most of the time, I was eating healthily.

Since joining the Eatellect challenge I now set my alarm earlier in the mornings, get up and have breakfast every single day, always eggs, spinach and either smoked salmon, mackerel or avocado.  Fruit and nuts for snacks, a home-made salad for lunch and for dinner, baked lean meat/fish with lots of veg and a handful of carbs. I invested in some Core Sport diet whey protein for post EBC sessions and have absolutely taken on board all of the advice from Glynn & James on the Facebook page about food timings, taking on protein, carb cycling, the hugely negative impact of alcohol on the body’s ability to burn fat and generally just training myself to think about everything I’m putting into my body, to stop and check absolutely everything and ‘to be accountable’ for it.  I’ve drastically reduced my portion sizes and alcohol intake and have completely cut out Friday night takeaway curries/cakes/chocolate/sweets and anything that has more than 5g of sugar per 100g (apart from whole fresh fruits!). I haven’t once felt hungry to the point of getting home & binging on whatever I can find, I am quite easily able to choose the right foods for at home and when out and about.

Someone asked me at an EBC session if it ever gets any easier and I said not really, you just push yourself harder each time and find that one day you can push for longer, do more reps, run faster. At the time you think it’s awful and you can’t go on anymore and that’s when if you were at the gym or out on your own you would probably stop, but not at EBC, you’re not allowed!! After the session you realise that you’ve actually really enjoyed it! There’s a huge rush of feel good adrenaline and motivation to get on with your day, eat well and enjoy life!

The difference it has made to my body is quite amazing. I have lost AT LEAST a dress size, nearly two(!) and my fitness levels have massively increased, friends and family are saying to me that I have lost weight, look really fit and healthy and my confidence has gone through the roof J

My statement at the beginning of the Eatellect process was: ‘I am making a change with Essex Boot Camp to re-focus my eating and exercise habits to create a healthier body & mind’

For now this has been achieved and I am quietly confident that I will be able sustain these changes for myself and my family, for life. It’s not always going to be easy, so for the next step, I am going to focus on learning and understanding more about my macros and hopefully sign up to a few EBC challenge days.

Thank you Essex Boot Camp! (special thanks to James & Wez for pushing me to my limits at the sessions and to Glynn for all the nutrition advice on Facebook!) J

(one very happy) Rose x

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