The EBC Diary – Kelly Donaldson

December 16, 2015

The EBC Diary – Kelly Donaldson

Before joining EBC 2 years ago, I was doing different fitness styles but nothing was really working to reach my goals. I wasn’t an outdoor person and couldn’t run at all but my brother convinced me to try something different. I wasn’t too sure what bootcamp was really about.

At my first session I was nervous about going as I have never done anything like this before and was scared I wouldn’t be able to do any of the exercises but the trainers and fellow booters made me feel welcome and apart of the group. I surprised myself at the things I could do and really enjoyed taking part.

I then made a promise to myself to sort out my eating habits and to get fitter. Slowly I started to notice a change in my body and my fitness levels were getting better with the help of the instructors to motivate and to push me to my limit.

Since being a part of EBC it has helped me become a more confident person and helped set new goals/challenges which I want to achieve. I would have never of taken part in running half marathons or completing obstacles courses without the help of EBC giving me the strength and courage to do so.

EBC has become apart if my everyday routine and enjoy seeing the changes not just with myself but with my fellow booters each week working towards their fitness goals. It has become a social aspect rather than forcing myself to workout.

I would recommend anyone to try EBC, you will not regret it! EBC has changed my life.