The EBC Diary – Jo Wright

January 5, 2016

The EBC Diary – Jo Wright

I wanted to share my journey with you as it’s been a pretty interesting one for me. I first joined Essex Bootcamp 5 years ago as I was fed up of plodding along in the gym not seeing any results and feeling pretty low with depression. I could not believe what I had let myself in for, that first session.. I had never been pushed so hard in all my life!!

I remember how encouraging Jim (Sweeney) the twins (Jane and Lisa) and Katnap (Jo Parry) were, telling me it would get easier.. And to my surprise I came back for more I enjoyed it so much, it definitely becomes addictive. No two sessions have ever been the same. Training outdoors in all weather conditions, Winter being my favourite! with such positive encouraging people (the EBC family) and 5 years later I can say I have finally got to a place where I am very happy.

It’s been a very up and down journey for me as food has always been my enemy. I believed that if I ate less and trained I would loose weight and see results… How wrong I was.. I had no energy with constant headaches, I gave EBC sessions my all but would go home and be fit for nothing for the rest of the day!  There were times when I cried and didn’t believe in myself, but I picked myself up and carried on. With the help and support of my PT, Jim, who Sussed me out from the start and made me realise that I needed a positive mindset to achieve, He probably wanted to shake me on a number of occasions and make me see sense!!… However, 2 years later I can honestly say that Food is no longer the enemy, I now eat to fuel my body to enable me to achieve my fitness goals.

For the last 16months I have been consistent with meal prep every Sunday for the week ahead using My Fitness Pal to track what I’m eating, even my snacks are prepped and I take them out with me so I’m not tempted by that cake in Costa! It has become a lifestyle, Some might say an obsession!! But I now know how my body works and what nutrition it needs and when. I believe If you put your mind to something you can achieve it. long term consistency not only with my training but also my nutrition has proven to be so affective with getting the results I’ve always aspired to achieve. I have become more focused and determined than ever before.

I’m now looking forward to what 2016 has in store for me – I’m setting some new goals.

I cannot speak highly enough of the trainers at Essex Bootcamp, Chelmsford… Glynn, Gabs, and Wez. A big Thank You to Jim for believing in me, pushing me out of my comfort zones with my training, and getting into my head and changing my Mindset over the past 2 years.

I 100% believe in this statement #thebodyachieveswhatthemindbelieves

Don’t hesitate to get involved. We all need to start somewhere – I can hand on heart say EBC has totally changed my life and it will yours… Get involved!