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EBC Inspire is the sister company to Essex Boot Camp, Essex Boot camp was established in 2006, it is now the largest operating outdoor boot camp in Essex, with over 500 sessions a month across 27 locations and with a membership base of 6000+ Essex Boot Camp believe that the body achieves what the mind believes, we use military style training to get the general public outside and training in different terrain and weather.

EBC Inspire has been developed with the same philosophy, we are aiming to offer the exact same service but for our younger generation, we will get them to work outside their comfort zone and start to get them to believe that anything is achievable with
a little hard work and dedication you can achieve anything.

EBC Inspire will work alongside parents, guardians, teachers and local council to ensure that each session is meeting the requirements, whether you are looking for team building, military style discipline training or just looking to offer an alternative
to mainstream sports, Inspire will be able to help you.



Does your child have it?

EBC Inspire will always aim to develop a growth mind set, we want all our students to leave in the frame of mind that nothing is unachievable. Below is a diagram showing the difference between a fixed and growth mindset, this clearly shows what state of mind we all go through at some point, however EBC Inspire will work with all pupils to get them to understand that being in a positive mind frame will set them up for achievement.


The UK has become the largest country suffering with Childhood obesity, EBC Inspire will work alongside parents, guardians, teachers, council and sports clubs to tackle this crisis, offering outdoor training military style along with nutritional seminars aimed at parents. EBC Inspire will work with all pupils from the ages of 6-18yrs old. Each age group will be tailored slightly different but still meeting the needs of all our clients.


Before school, After school, Lunch time clubs

Military style boot camp training

School team building days

Adventure school trips

Nutritional seminars

Whether you are looking to offer an alternative extra-curricular club, or look to run school trips, team building days EBC Inspire has you covered, we are currently operating in primary schools across the county offer before and after school clubs to students. If you are looking to run any school obstacle course day trip or team building trips, EBC inspire will be able to help plan them and facilitate them.


Before School, After School, Lunch time clubs

Military style boot camp training

Team building days

Introductory days into secondary schools

School adventure trips

Sports teams sessions

Nutritional seminars

Gifted and Talented students days

As a secondary school you are probably always looking at different ways to motivate your pupils, you maybe looking to incorporate some team building and getting the pupils to communicate and work together, EBC Inspire has worked different secondary schools in Essex to help achieve this, from introductory with the new intake in year
7 to gifted and talented pupils EBC has worked with the schools to achieve the outcomes desired.

EBC Inspire will focus on discipline and self motivation to prepare pupils for
the next stages in their lives, we will ensure that they turn negative attitudes
in to positive energy.


Military style boot camp outdoor training

Team building days

Nutritional Seminars

Adventure trips

Course requirements

External clubs

Sports team sessions

EBC Inspire has worked with different colleges and universities in Essex, EBC Inspire can be used to meet course requirements, EBC Inspire work with public service pupils to complete their outdoor training syllabus.

Whether you are looking to get groups of pupils working together or get them to
work in a team EBC Inspire will achieve this by ensuring each sessions is planned with this outcome. EBC Inspire will meet with the member of staff and discus the outcomes before running the sessions, to ensure we are always meeting the requirements
from the client.

Whether you are in a sports team or looking for  a different way to keep
fit whilst in Education EBC inspire can help you.

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