Who we are

With three decades of experience in the fitness industry between them James and Glynn make a knowledgeable and yet formidable team. With differing skill sets and backgrounds, sports science theory and Royal Marine know how, complement each other perfectly.

Glynn Roberts

In 2000 Glynn joined the Royal Marines. He successfully completed the arduous 30 weeks training program, the toughest (physically and mentally) task he has ever faced, to become a fully active member of the Royal Marines Commandos.


Glynn has experienced all types of physical stresses, through Commando training completing the famous 30 miler over Dartmoor, to the Tough Guy challenge and intensive weight training. These experiences have given Glynn a solid insight into the body’s limits.

With a vast background in group and Personal Training, a variety of which include Marine recruits, Professional Football Clubs, Police head quarters and schools, Glynn maintains the belief that it is very important to keep your training challenging, fresh and enjoyable, that way your body never gets stuck into a routine.

Additional Qualifications

Glynn spends much of his time motivating and training others to achieve their goals, whatever that maybe. Getting people outside in the fresh air and understanding that there are better, more enjoyable ways to train other than the gym, is his ambition.

His spare time is spent training himself, he is a big believer in ‘practice what you preach’.

James Sweeney

As one of the Directors and founders of Evo Fitness, James is a firm believer in Essex Boot Camp’s mission statement – ‘Encourage People to exercise’. Essex Boot Camp is an ideal solution to deliver this exercise, in group sessions. Currently less that 2% of the UK population exercises on a regular basis and after 9 years of experience in the fitness industry, James feels strongly about changing this trend.


James is a specialist in fitness testing (special reference to body composition); Health Related Fitness Indices and Sports Specific Functional Training. These attributes have propelled James into working with professional Athletes and Football Players (player/position specific and team fitness) and also into leading team building/group motivation dynamic sessions within the corporate environment.

Additional Qualifications

James holds a First Class degree in Sports Science and has a strong mechanics and physiology background. However after 9 years of progressive experience within the fitness industry, James encourages clients and instructors to keep it simple and make it fun!

The Team

Every EBC instructor goes through a stringent selection process and an EBC Day camp at RAF Bentwaters, no EBC instructor would expect a participant to do anything he/she couldn’t or wouldn’t do first.

Successful EBC team members are handpicked by the directors, once they have met the desired standard of personal fitness and practical teaching ability. With a vast array of dedicated fitness professionals at our disposal, EBC instructors really are Out door fitness specialists in their own right.

Become an instructor

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